Prof. Małgorzata Łuszczak – study visit at the University of California, Berkeley and the Academy of Art University – Schools of Game Design, San Francisco

Name of the project under which the internship was conducted:

Game and Virtual Space Design – innovative development of the second cycle studies based on the experience of a foreign partner”

Financed by:

Priority 4: Higher education and science, Measure 4.1.1. Strengthening and developing the didactic potential of universities, Human Capital Operational Programme

Name and title of the visiting academic:

Prof. Małgorzata Łuszczak

Date of the study visit:

27.10 – 24.11.2014

Destination of the study visit:

SkyDeck – part of the University of California, Berkeley, San Francisco, USA

Academy of Art University – Schools of Game Design, San Francisco

Supervisor/supervisors or other important persons co-operating with us during the visit:

Jeff Burton – director of SkyDeck, co-founder of Electronic Arts,

Marian Moszoro, lecturer at the Haas School of Business UC, Berkeley.

Prof. Piotr Moncarz – Stanford University

Pryce Jones – MFA Director at the School of Game Design Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California

Summary of the visit:

The study visit took place at the invitation of the director of the SkyDeck centre – part of the University of California, Berkeley. This university is one of the best universities in the world, providing intellectual and research resources for the so-called Silicon Valley and bringing together a significant number of leading players in the world’s IT market.

Another aspect of the study visit was the opportunity to become acquainted with the activities of institutions promoting and offering a range of trainings on the commercial exploitation of research and the implementation of new ideas and inventions. This institution, named the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship, is operated by the Haas School of Business – the department of economics of the University. The visit took place thanks to the co-operation with professor Marian Moszoro, a lecturer at the Haas School of Business. The professor, a renowned economist in the field of public-private partnership, presented the scope of activities of the Haas School of Business as well as the University’s solutions for applying the best ideas that emerge at the University to practical and business purposes.
We also visited the Academy of Art University – Schools of Game Design administered by Pryce Jones, MFA Director, where the curriculum is related to video game design.

While in San Francisco, we also visited the Mission District, a district with hundreds of walls and fences decorated with murals on very diverse themes: from socio-political issues to movies, games and fantasy.


We discussed the possibility of co-operating with Pryce Jones of the Academy of Art University – Schools of Game Design in San Francisco because there are similarities in our curriculums and a very high artistic level of design. Cultural differences due to students coming from very different parts of the world were very interesting and very evident.

Of course, the greatest obstacle to the co-operation is the distance and the costs it implies. We decided to begin our co-operation by participating in events such as the Global Game Jam.