Paweł Synowiec, PhD – study visit at the London Metropolitan University

Increasing adult participation in IT tools and technologies education – “NITKA”.

Beneficiary: The University of Silesia in Katowice

Agreement no.: UDA-POKL.04.03.00-00-168/12

Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund. Human capital. National Cohesion Strategy 2013-2015

Visiting academic: Paweł Synowiec, PhD

Date: 22.11.2013 – 20.12.2013

Location: London Metropolitan University, Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing, London

Supervisor: Fiona French (internship supervisor),

Senior Lecturer (Toy Design and Computer Games Programming),

The study visit involved observing classes, holding workshops and demonstrating how 3D programs may be used to model and texture objects in video games. During the internship, I had an opportunity to visit the Gamelab London (

The Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing at MET is a course focused mainly on teaching technical aspects of video game design. It includes such topics as, for example, 3D programming and modelling. The educational process involves fewer lecturers with professional experience in the video game industry than at the Cieszyn Game and Virtual Space Design course, which is an obstacle to students’ achieving high levels of practical skills. One of the elements of the didactic process was students creating interactive toys and devices which were programmed using Arduino. The introduction of a similar element to the Game and Virtual Space Design course would undoubtedly result in an increase in students’ practical skills in making video games.

In the case of a research project related to a broadly defined interactive entertainment, the Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing would undoubtedly be a valuable partner for future joint activities in research projects. The MET authorities expressed a desire to establish a permanent and close co-operation in the future.