Kaja Renkas, PhD – study visit at the Northern Illinois University

Financed by/EU funds:

Structural expenditure. Area: XII

Name and title of the visiting academic:

Kaja Renkas, PhD

Date of the study visit:

16.03 – 17.04 2014

Destination of the study visit:

USA, Chicago, DeKalb, Northern Illinois University


Aleksandra Giza

During the one-month internship, I conducted a series of workshops with students from the first and the third years on the broadly defined issues of design (layout, poster, logo).

I acquainted myself with the structure of my host university, the American education system, the methods of teaching, the studio equipment and software.
I made a presentation and gave a lecture on contemporary Polish design.
I broadened my knowledge of design and animation techniques.

I learned more on how to use the required software and digital equipment.
I broadened my knowledge on the innovative use of graphics programs in educational activities.
During a public presentation, I presented selected multimedia works of the Institute of Art students.
I also had two exhibitions of my own:

Infirmary of the Subconscious, Tavern of Fine Arts, Saint Louis, USA, 14.04-30.05.2014

Small size, Craker Jax, DeKalb, USA, 22.04-30.05.2014


The method of teaching is very interesting and it is worth taking a closer look at the open approach to the presentation of works, inviting guests, discussing common design problems, inspections which take place every two months, establishing co-operation with companies and staying in touch with graduates working in the profession.