“G&VSD-second degree studies”

“Game and Virtual Space Design-second degree studies”

Objective of the project

General objective of the project it to develop an innovative programme of study for Bachelor degree graduates of various academic disciplines, motivated to acquire skills in computer games graphics and digital sound production. The specific goals of the project is defined as follows: to develop a program of study, available for Bachelor degree graduates; to develop e-learning modules for the Master degree programme of studies “Game and Virtual Space Design”; to carry out the didactic activities within the Master degree program.

Short description of the project
The goal of this project is to start at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music a Master degree programme of studies for instruct future game development professionals. Due to the innovative curriculum, including varied elective courses, e-learning methods and wide-ranging theoretical courses and extensive practical classes run by industry experts, we will be able to produce graduates equipped with skills, likely to succeed in the job market and to reinforce the Game Dev industry.

More information about the project in the publication in pdf format below:

Publication (part 1)

Publication (part2)

Publication (part3)