LAG 2016

LAG 2016
Festival of Art and Independent Games in Cieszyn 2016
From 27.06.2016 to 03.07.2016 the 4th edition of the Summer Games Academy was held. For the first time it was part of the “Festival of Art and Independent Games” project which is co-financed under the EU programme “Creative Europe” which was implemented by the University of Silesia, the University of Ostrava and the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava.

The “Festival of Art and Independent Games” project is planned for a four year period until September 2019. Each year 5 main actions are planned, to take place in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Report from the LAG Festival 2016

LAG Arena

The project began with the LAG Arena – a three-stage competition in creating a game concept by secondary school students.

LAG Arena is an international competition addressed to secondary school students who are interested in the creative process of designing video games. This is a multi-stage competition. The participants have to complete tasks assigned to them on each of the stages in order to get points. The competition will be preceded by an advertising campaign in Polish, Czech and Slovak schools.

The winner of the competition was invited to participate in the next LAG GAME JAM project with more than a hundred students from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia creating games for 5 days. The students were divided into groups consisting of graphic artists, musicians, linguists and marketers.

Marta Makuszewska won the competition with her “Midsummer Night”.


LAG Game Jam

The goal of the LAG Game Jam is to develop the skills, creativity and co-operation of international teams. For 5 days the teams could consult experts from different fields to help them improve the quality of their projects. The goal of the LAG Game Jam is to create working prototypes of games completely from scratch.

The LAG Game Jam participants included University of Silesia students from the following courses and specializations: Games and Cyberspace Design (specialization: Video Game Graphics and Game Audio), Video Game Programmer (Faculty of Computer Science and Materials Science) and Interactive Entertainment Design Sprint-Writer (Faculty of Philology). Students from the University of Ostrava and the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava also participated in the LAG Game Jam.

Members of all teams were drawn and game titles were generated randomly by the Video Game Name Generator. The best projects were chosen by a jury composed of representatives of the game industry among other specialists.

10 games were created during the Game Jam:

  1. „Android Grizzly Bear Ignition”-Team Black

  2. „Revenge Yak Star”-Team Red

  3. „Spunky Prison Gone Wild”-Team Brown

  4. „European Gnome House”-Team Orange

  5. „Erotic Sword on Wheels”-Team Turquoise

  6. „Bizzare Grizzly Bear Invaders”-Team Green
    W przygotowaniu
  7. „Metal Sex Palace”-Turquoise Gray

  8. „Lethal Blimp vs Street Fighter”-Team Purple

  9. „Imperial Quantum Destruction”-Team Blue

  10. „Renegade Surgery Baseball”-Team Pink

In progress

Results of the LAG Game Jam 2016:

Best Game: Team Blue
Audience Award: Team Red
Best Graphics: Team Blue
Best Audio: Team Turquoise
Best Script: Team Blue
Best Game Mechanics: Team Orange
Best Marketing: Team Turquoise


LAG Edu is an international conference of video games and art experts addressed to a wider audience. The purpose of the conference is to introduce the audience to the creative processes, technical and technological conditions necessary for making games. The subject matter will be selected so as to ensure that each year there is a possibility of discussing one subject area comprehensively. There will be a facilitated panel discussion during the conference with the participation of the audience and invited guests, allowing for a more in-depth analysis of the artistic works presented during the LAG Festival.
On Saturday, 02.07, the leading specialists arrived in Cieszyn and talked about their work. One of them was Marek Madej who had worked on one of the Witchers and who worked for Lars von Trier himself on the movie Melancholia. Other guests who introduced us to the world of games were: Marcin Przybyłowicz, music director for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt; Grzegorz Przybyś, co-founder of the Division 48 studio; Konrad Czernik, art director at Techland; Lukáš Najbrt, co-creator of TV shows and commercials; Krzysztof Kusak, business development manager at Vivid Games; Aleksander Caban, art director at Carbon Studio; and Denisa Janska, artist and a lecturer at the University of Ostrava.

LAG Music

LAG Music consists of two evening concerts for LAG Edu and LAG Festival. The first concert will present electronic music accompanied with visual presentations. The event is open and addressed to a wider audience. Musicians, VJs and other independent artists will perform during the event. Percival will play at the second concert. Percival’s songs were used on the soundtrack for the video game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
LAG Festival

LAG Festival is a one-day presentation of independent games for a wider audience. Independent artists, graduates of game design courses, all the teams participating in the LAG Game Jam, as well as secondary school students whose projects gained awards during the LAG Arena are invited to participate in the presentation. The presentations will take place on a specially designed stage and all participants of the LAG Festival will have an opportunity to play the presented games on specially prepared play stations. The best games and interactive works presented during the Festival will be granted awards.

On Sunday, July 3, during the LAG Festival all the games created under the project were presented.

During the Festival, the best independent games, the best diploma project and, of course, the best LAG Arena project were given awards.