Wojciech Wilsz

Promoter: Katarzyna Kroczek-Wasińska PhD
Reviewer: Kaja Renkas PhD

Title: Interactive support for board games

The subject of the artistic diploma thesis is an interactive support for board games and three examples of its application. The support itself is a wooden, square chest containing a mechanism which allows anyone to change the location of objects (along X and Y axes) on a game board without physically touching them. The structure of the support makes it easy to swap square game boards. It is a universal support for games, make-ups and installation arts.
To better understand how the support is intended to work, here are three examples of its use: Maze, Magnetic Hex and PowderArt.
Maze is a single player game in which you have to escape a labyrinth. It is a sort of manual explaining how the support works.
Magnetic Hex is a more complex competitive game for 2-4 people. Players have to build a wobbly, magnetic tower from metal hexagons. In each round, the tower is moved on the board and another hexagon is added, so the risk of it falling down becomes greater. Players get eliminated form the game if the tower falls down during their turn. The winner is the “last man standing.”
PowderArt is a great example of how the support can be used for artistic purposes. Basically, it is a tool for creating simple images. The black board is uniformly sprinkled with white powder and serves as canvas. The painting is created by a trace left by a metal ball, sliding on the surface of the board and controlled by the user