Weronika Przeklasa

Promoter: Paweł Synowiec PhD
Reviewer: Krzysztof Bąk PhD

Title: Emerald Sun – sculpture and film as a medium of modifying the Twisted Insurrection game.

This undergraduate diploma work includes conceptual sketches, a low poly model, optimized for the needs of contemporary video game graphics with a set of all necessary textures and a high poly source model.
Concept sketches were made in Photoshop and they were the basis for creating the model. The high poly model was made in the Zbrush software and then optimized using the 3D-Coat software. The textures were made using the Substance Painter 2 software. Next, the final image was prepared for animation in Blender 3D, so it could be given any position, and rendered in a rendering engine in real time. The intention was to create a fully functional model for modern game engines.
The character is inspired by the culture of ancient Mesopotamia and Persia, in particular by a mythological figure of Kusarikku. This creature was a hybrid of a man and a bull walking on two legs. It guarded city gates against invaders. In ancient Persia, the sculptures of this creature were believed to provide protection. Following the inspiration, the character was created so as to give the impression of a strong and courageous warrior who is also a dedicated guardian of people. The aim of the work was therefore to combine opposing character traits. Sculptures from Persepolis also offered a rich source of inspiration. Many of them present hybrids of animals and humans decorated with characteristic ornaments. They have become an inspiration to create such elements as facial features or a characteristic pattern on the protagonist’s ears.
The armour is not a direct reconstruction of the historical armour, however, it was inspired by it and made to look like it and be functional. For this purpose, a database of weapon photos from various historical periods was collected and it allowed the creator to learn details about its operation and construction.