Sylwia Bołdys

Promoter: prof. Małgorzata Łuszczak
Reviewer: Katarzyna Kroczek-Wasińska PhD

Title: Concept arts for an original game titled On the Other Side.

The work titled On the Other Side is a game environment design created using the digital collage technique. The choice of technique and the making process were the result of the assumed plot that referred both to real and fantastic worlds.
The designed world is hidden in a glass carboy left in a dark basement for many years in which a new life develops.
The whole work has been given a spectacular and attractive graphic design showing the watery flora world built using contrasts between the smooth planes of the foreground and the depth observed through the round opening. This world is inhabited by strange creatures that are entirely a figment of the author’s imagination.
The project is very interesting, it has a lot of sub-plots that may be worth expanding. The digital collage technique offers many possibilities and allows for various visual experiments but it still requires a lot of consistency. Sylwia Bołdys undoubtedly showed consistency throughout her project.