Robert Lipka

Promoter: prof. Małgorzata Łuszczak
Reviewer: Hanna Grzonka-Karwacka PhD

Title: The point as a dynamic object in an original project titled The Point.

A team project carried out by three students: two graphic artists – Wiolette Wach and Robert Lipka – and a student specializing in the sound, Marcin Chojnacki.

The Point is a project of a multimedia, interactive environment kept in the convention of video games. At the heart of the project lies the assumption that it is to be a source of audiovisual experience resulting from the interaction with the virtual world. It offers a journey into abstract, subtle spaces, full of sound sensations, where shape, colour and sound are important elements of the “narrative”.
The world presented is maintained in a synthetic style, with a simple range of colours and a clear reference to optical art. The project appeals to the viewer’s eyes through numerous optical illusions, giving the effects of depth and motion that are able to evoke extreme emotions from irritation to complete calmness.
The Point offers a specific type of exploring. The emphasis was shifted from discovering vast areas of space to discovering the internal rules governing individual locations. The project mainly operates on the level of functional interactivity, offering the possibility of virtually touching most of its elements. Each touch initiates an action. Objects change their shape, position, colour or make a specific sound. Time is also important for the reception of this work as the shape of certain elements of the environment depend on it. Some points get their proper form only after a certain time – devoting different amounts of time will have an effect on what you see and hear and on the intensity of these sensations. Continuous interaction with the world is enforced by the game movement mechanics which are based on the point and click system. Individual points take different forms, becoming places for relaxation or exploration.
Robert Lipka designed the game mechanics and a set of eight concept graphics in digital technology that form the basis of the graphic design of The Point.
The diploma work received a distinction and was awarded at the International Festival of Art and Independent Games in Cieszyn in June 2016. It was also presented at Digital Dragon in Kraków as part of a student project presentation.