Piotr Gierlotka

Supervisor: prof. zw. Małgorzata Łuszczak (Prof. PhD)
Reviewer: dr Katarzyna Paruzel (PhD)Title:

„The spaceship of the future”. Game environment design.

It is a highly developed world of a gravitational spacecraft „Calliope”, a world of flying islands and original characters who man the ship of the future. The idea emerged from the exceptional imagination of the diploma candidate, enriched by his interests in literature, film and visual arts. Piotr Gierlotka drew inspiration from a variety of sources. There were original fantasy stories and selected elements of culture including such animated series as “Space Battleship Yamato”, “Gundam 0079”, “Battlestar Galactica”, the TTA books and the Sarfire series. In his description of the project, the author also admits the influence of such artists as Sed Mead, Ben Mauro, Anthony Jones and Vitaly Bulgarov.