Mateusz Waluś

Promoter: Paweł Synowiec PhD
Reviewer: Krzysztof Bąk PhD

Title: The Beginning of the End – game environment design.

The theme of the project was based on the symbolist painting of the nineteenth century and the motive of death contained in it, as well as the fantasy paining of Zdzisław Beksiński. It is a multimedia project representing one level of a video game. Players become an archaeologist who is on the verge of a breakthrough discovery. The archaeologist studies a mysterious civilization, which, according to legend, has mastered the technology of portals allowing them to teleport from place to place. In order to teleport, they used mysterious artefacts. For unknown reasons, practically nothing is left of them today except for the necropolis complex. The project consists of two different environments. The first is an island with a ruined necropolis, reminiscent of the rocky coasts of England and Scotland. It refers mainly to the achievements in symbolist painting, e.g. Isle of the Dead by Arnold Böcklin or the works of Jacek Malczewski related to Thanatos. The second environment, unusually dark and mysterious, was inspired mostly by the paintings of Zdzisław Beksiński. The world presented can be compared to the post-apocalyptic visions of the artist. Maintained in a dark brown tone of light that breaks through the fog surrounding hostile jagged forms evokes the feeling of anxiety or even fear. The player’s goal is to get to the portal on the island with the artefact. Doing so will open the passage to a mysterious, dark world, where we find fossilized silhouettes of the former civilization, exploited by a fantastic structure to obtain energy. Through her project, the author wants to express her anxiety related to the dynamic development of technology that can lead to destruction of our civilization.