Marta Słupska

Student: Marta Słupska
Supervisor: Prof. Małgorzata Łuszczak
Reviewer: Katarzyna Pyka, PhD

”The Army of the Wood” – character design inspired by North American mythology – part of the Hexiles game.

The project carried out by Marta Słupska as part of the “Hexiles” project consisted in designing characters for one of the four teams – “The Army of the Wood”.
The aim of the project was to create stylistically consistent characters inspired by natural life forms that can be found in the woods. Among the proposed characters there are elements of trees: bark, leaves, roots and branches. The characters from “The Army of the Wood” presented in the project are the leaders – Wendigo and Lady of the Wood – and a few of its warriors. The characters of the leaders are created on the principle of contrast. Wendigo symbolizes death and takes care of dead animals. The Lady of the Wood is a mother to all animals, she symbolizes life.
The boards presented show the author’s method of work which involved the study of nature, the analysis of myths and examples from games, drawing, and searching for an appropriate style for the project

The diploma project is part of a team project titled “Hexiles” which was carried out by six students, each of whom had a specific task assigned. The requirement and objective of such a project is to preserve the individual character of the work made by a given degree candidate while keeping the stylistic harmony of the whole project. The game involves designing characters who form teams on the basis of chosen myths and creating the game environment/game board with a mythological flavour. The work on the project went according to a detailed plan. All stages of the project were carried out as teamwork. In order to maintain a proper balance, each student was aware of his/her role in the project and yet could keep his/her own individual character.

Members of the team working on the “Hexiles” project: Andrzej Lasocki – leader, Marta Słupska, Magdalena Krasiejko, Mateusz Waluś, Konrad Walasek, Sebastian Lasocki.