Marta Słupska

Promoter: prof. Małgorzata Łuszczak
Reviewer: Hanna Grzonka PhD

Title: Creating fantastic creatures for computer games based on the analysis of anatomy and morphology of existing animal species.

The diploma student created a fantastic world inhabited by animals. Słupska created the animals in an remarkable way using a turtle, a flying lemur, a horse, an elk, a cow and a tiger as inspiration. Słupska took their natural environment into account – a rocky planet with high temperatures which deprive animals of fur. Therefore, we see all the details of the skin and muscles. The work also shows the animals in motion. Without a doubt, the author closely watched and studied animals in motion. Despite creating imaginary animals based on many large mammals we see a trace of authenticity in her work. We have the impression that these animals may really exist, that they are not just someone’s imagination. In addition, the diploma student creates genre scenes showing the behaviour of animals in their own environment, the way they eat and take care of their offspring. Another asset of the work are the boards showing the creative process itself, which in this case had a huge impact on the final result of the project. By showing the initial sketches and colouring the linearts, the author reveals her creative process and shows off her drawing skills at the same time.
In my opinion, this is a mature project which required a lot of work.