Magdalena Krasiejko

Student: Magdalena Krasiejko
Supervisor: prof. Małgorzata Łuszczak
Reviewer: Katarzyna Pyka, PhD

Title: “The Deep Ones” – an army inspired by eastern mythology for the “Hexiles” project Made as part of the “Hexiles” project, the work involved designing characters inspired by the mythology of Asia and Oceania, which in the game are called “the deep ones” and form a kind of army. The goal of the project was to design stylistically consistent warriors characterized by violence, ferocity and a fighting spirit inspired by sea creatures. The author was successful in creating several character designs that have a number of common features through a proper choice of colours and oval shapes similar to the underwater fauna. The author has demonstrated her incredible imagination, an amazing drawing talent, discipline, interesting designs, a skill of searching for and choosing the right inspirations, creativity and original ideas.

The 12 character designs made by Magdalena Krasiejko include the characters that lead the 4 armies that are available in the game.

The diploma project is part of a team project titled “Hexiles” which was carried out by six students, each of whom had a specific task assigned. The requirement and objective of such a project is to preserve the individual character of the work done by a given degree candidate while keeping the stylistic harmony of the whole project. The game involves designing characters who form teams on the basis of chosen myths and creating the game environment/game board with a mythological flavour. The work on the project went according to a detailed plan. All stages of the project were carried out as teamwork. In order to maintain a proper balance, each student was aware of his/her role in the project and yet could keep his/her own individual character.

Members of the team working on the “Hexiles” project: Andrzej Lasocki – leader, Marta Słupska, Magdalena Krasiejko, Mateusz Waluś, Konrad Walasek, Sebastian Lasocki.