Magdalena Kazz

Promoter: prof. Małgorzata Łuszczak
Reviewer: Katarzyna Kroczek-Wasińska PhD

Title: White Peony. Visual language of dream scenes in computer games.

White Peony is a game environment design stylistically referring to the Chinese culture.
The project is intended to offer a virtual experience close to that of the way we perceive reality in dreams. The choice of colours and the whole stylization was based on the analysis of literature on the psychophysiological processes of perceiving the world during sleep and how this phenomenon is presented in visual arts.
The project is to consist of seven locations but currently, for the diploma purposes, there are four: a teahouse, an island, a beach and a garden.
The diploma was presented in the form of a 5-minute film and charts with drawings, sketches, 2D concepts as well as 3D objects.
Interestingly, the project draws on a multitude of inspirations. The diploma student came up with an interesting narrative which requires the use of different tea names as keys for opening new areas. In addition to the Chinese art related aesthetics, the key element of the project are dream visions.
The diploma work received a distinction and was awarded at the International Festival of Art and Independent Games in Cieszyn in June 2016. It was also presented at Digital Dragon in Kraków as part of a student project presentation.