Katarzyna Kubicz

Promoter: Paweł Synowiec PhD
Reviewer: Krzysztof Bąk PhD

Title: Battle Lands – game environment design in low poly aesthetic.

The purpose of the work was to graphically design an environment for an independent game. The game is titled Battle Lands and it is an ‘arena brawler’ (players fight each other in an arena). It has been designed as a game for up to four players. The heroes are youngsters from a mysterious tribe and, wielding only hammers in their hands, they face each other on islands floating in the air. The tribe they come from is characterized by exceptional physical strength and sensitivity to fire, so in order to defeat an opponent, players have to use the environment to their advantage. The map is full of fiery dangers like lava, spikes or fireballs. Players have to lure their opponents to these traps. The game was created in a colourful low-poly style. The project uses a brown colour scheme and elements relevant to the gameplay are marked red. As part of the project, over 20 models were created, two maps, four characters, a menu and a character selection window, as well as a UI. The project was made in 3D technology and it runs on Unreal Engine 4.