Ewa Krzyżewska

Promoter: Prof. Małgorzata Łuszczak
Reviewer: Marek Głowacki PhD

Title: A project of four supporting characters for an adventure RPG game.

The undergraduate diploma work of Ewa Krzyżewska was carried out in cooperation with Piotr Gierlotka who in 2017 pursued a Master’s Degree diploma in the field of game design and virtual space, specializing in computer graphics, under the supervision of Katarzyna Kroczek -Wasińska PhD.
The student designed four characters, members of a shattered spacecraft crew. The characters are part of the above project. In the first phase of her work, Krzyżewska prepared the characteristics of individual characters in terms of psychological and physical traits and the functions they are to perform in the game. In the next stage, she did some research on the era in which the history is set (1920’s) and the art deco style. Then she gave them a visual form by making a series of sketches and drawings until the final version was reached.
The diploma work includes projects of four characters differing in terms of visual aspects.
The whole project was presented in 8 game levels.
Ewa Krzyżewska not only showed her artistic skills and creative approach to design but also the ability to work in a team. As a result, the project makes an interesting diploma work and it represents a very high artistic level.