Błażej Szaflik

Promoter: prof. Małgorzata Łuszczak
Reviewer: Kaja Renkas PhD

Title: The relationship between the applied means of artistic expression and the perception of virtual space.

This diploma work is both a research project and an artistic project. It is connected with virtual reality which has been developing rapidly in the recent years. In Błażej Szaflik’s opinion it is an important and developmental medium providing artists and designers with great possibilities. The appeal of this medium does not raise any doubts, but we observe considerable problems with the perception of what the medium offers.
Therefore, in the work the author looks for the relationship between form, composition, colour, light, the amount of detail and how they all affect the recipient. It can be said that at this stage designers are trying to tame the medium and Błażej Szaflik is surely among them. The diploma work is an attempt to answer the question of how to smoothly introduce the player into this world so that he/she does not experience unpleasant sensations.
For this purpose, the author created a virtual environment as a part of an industrial platform or a corridor typical of many video games. Subsequent changes are not only visual changes but also audiovisual changes that allow the recipient to immerse in a virtual reality and react to it.