Dawid Stobik

Supervisor: prof. Małgorzata Łuszczak
Reviewer: Łukasz Kliś, PhD

“Emerald Sun” – sculpture and film as a means of modifying the Twisted Insurrection game

The project consists of two films and spatial objects made by the degree candidate which are part of the modification proposed by him for the Twisted Insurrection game. The films presented talk about war using an arrangement typical of a video game environment, though they highlight the complexity of the issues. Dawid Stobik shows characters tangled in situations in which they have to make tough decisions with unpredictable consequences. The diploma project is a proof of true dedication and passion, which makes it difficult for the author to go away from the original work. However, a careful observer will notice a clearly marked search for the author’s own vision of solutions to the issue presented.