Krzysztof Gawlas

associate professor

Krzysztof Gawlas
PhD/associate professor


Composer, improviser, sound director and sound designer. In 2006 he obtained the doctoral degree and in 2014 – the title of professor in the field of musical art in the discipline of Composition and Theory of Music at the Music Academy in Katowice. He is a graduate of Musical Education of the Silesian University, branch in Cieszyn. In 2012 he served the artistic internship in the scope of music directing at the Frederic Chopin University in Warsaw. He deals with the electronic music and with the application of computers in composition, music performance, synthesis and transformation and the spatial projection of sound. He took part in the courses
of electronic music which were organized by the IRCAM in Kraków and in Paris.
His composer’s achievements comprise electronic works or chamber works with the interactive use of electronic devices. These works were performed during many prestigeous festivals in the country and abroad. The composition of Spherical Voices He gained the award at the international competition of the electro-acoustic music called Musica Nova in Pague in 2012 for his composition of Spherical Voices. Krzysztof Gawlas cooperates with other composers by creating the electronic part of their works or by participating in their performances. An important position within his artistic achievements is taken by the multimedia projects and the music for the theater performances. Different but also important part of his career is the realization of the recordings.