Level Design Workshop

The first part of the workshop was hosted by Piotr Mistygacz (Techland’s Senior Level Designer) and it dealt with the issues that go with level design. It started with a project of a level explaining the game mechanics to players. The students had to minimize their communication with the players. The game environment was designed in such a way so that the players are encouraged to play our brand-new 2D game and learn its basics.

The second part of the task was more difficult because it involved introducing the players to the concept of rocket jump known from such games as Doom and Quake. The last task wasto come up with a simple story and learn the patterns useful for creating quests. Three topics were focused on during the second part of the workshop. The first one dealt with the “excavation” and demonstration of the most important elements of participants’ own ideas. Each participant designed a game cover according to his/her idea from the previous meeting. Designing logic puzzles was the second topic. In order to achieve this, each participant had to design an escape room. The last topic focused on the emotional impact the game geometry is likely to have. Intensive brainstorming generated a broad list of possible emotions. Anger, joy and curiosity are just some of them. The list helped us design the FPP aspect of the game so that it contained as many features invoking certain emotions as possible.