“Poruszenie” (Movement) – exhibition

Lecturers from the Game and Virtual Space Design course – professor Małgorzata Łuszczak, Katarzyna Kroczek-Wasińska PhD and Kaja Renkas Phd – took part in a collective exhibition titled “Poruszenie” (“Movement”). The exhibition presented the works of 11 artists representing various media and artistic circles in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. The theatre "Rozbark" in Bytom, associated with movement and dance, was complemented with visual arts such as painting, graphics, photography and sculpture. This combination of various media created a kind of commotion, both in the activities of the artists and in the space of the theatre. The presentation accompanied the performances on the stage, filling the theatre space with new artistic experiences. The exhibition took place in February.

Other artists who presented their works during the exhibition were: Lóránt Ágoston, Martina Blascakova, Jarosław Jakubczyk, Mateusz Jankowski, Ewa Jaworska, Martin Kudla, Anna Osadnik Osa, Stanisław Tarasek