Joint project of students from Cieszyn and Monterey Bay, California

Game and Cyberspace Design students from Cieszyn and students from the School of Computing & Design at the California State University Monterey Bay have launched a joined project with the aim of creating video games.

The initiators of the project are professor Małgorzata Łuszczak (Game and Cyberspace Design in Cieszyn) and Krzysztof Pietroszek PhD (CSUMB). The students ivolved interact with each other only via the Internet. There have already been two video conferences. During the first, the US students presented and discussed their game concepts. During the second meeting, the students were already put into teams working on individual games and discussed the scope of their work in detail.
The students from Cieszyn are responsible for creating the graphics and the audio for the game concepts and game mechanics developed by the American students. They will also be responsible for the publication of the playable versions of the games.
Twelve teams of 8-9 people work to a fixed schedule. Demos must be ready by December 10.
We present some of the concept works from the first stage of the project and photos from the first video conference.

Good luck!